Generalities on functions: 3rd grade math test.

A third grade math test on generalities about functions.

This math homework assignment is for math teachers and ninth graders who want to review the general chapter on numerical functions. Thus, this chapter offers several advantages to ninth graders. Indeed, it involves all your intellectual skills and allows you to solve problems with a new method. By the end of this test, you should be able to fully master the functions and point out a progression with respect to the math. This chapter is not complicated, you will have to concentrate and follow the course well.

Exercise 1.

Here is a table of values corresponding to a function f.

Table of values

a) What is the image of 3 by the function f?

b) What number has the image -3 by the function f?

c) Which numbers have the same image by the function f?

Exercise 2.

Here is the following calculation program:

Calculation program

1. What number do we get when we enter :

a) 0 ? b) – 2 ? c) -5 ?

2. Let f be the function which at a number x entered associates the number f (x) obtained.

Determine the algebraic expression for f (x).

3. Calculate f (-3).

Exercise 3.

Let g be the function defined by g(x)= 7x-3.

  1. Compute the image of 0 by g.
  2. Calculate g(-2).
  3. What is the antecedent of 18 by g?

Exercise 4.

The representative curve of a function f is plotted in an orthogonal reference frame of the


All construction lines should remain visible on the representative curve of f.

Representative curve of a function

1. Determine f(0) and f(1).

What can we deduce from this?

2. How many antecedents does – 1 have in total by f ? Give them all away.

3. What is the image of – 0.4 by f ?

4. Give an antecedent of 0 by f.

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