Maths: courses and corrected exercises in PDF to print for free.

Mathematics Web is an amazing math site that offers a wide range of content suitable for all stages and levels in the field of math! From grades 6-12, students can explore lessons, exercises, activities, tests, and even maps that they can download directly to their device and print at no additional cost.

In addition, ninth graders have access to a wide range of online topics, while baccalaureate students have access to resources for the baccalaureate in France, Pondicherry (India), North America, Morocco and Lebanon. Finally, they don’t stop there and also provide the necessary supports for their progress such as specific course modules and countless training games!

A multitude of resources

Math courses and exercises with Mathematics Web Mathematics Web offers a wealth of resources to help students and teachers succeed! With lessons, exercises, activities, tests and downloadable worksheets available for grades 6-12 in countries such as France (including Baccalauréat), Pondicherry, North America, Morocco and Lebanon – whatever your level or location, you’ll find something here that will give you an edge. So don’t wait – start improving now with Web Mathematics!

Learning or teaching math

If you’re looking for an invaluable resource to help you learn or teach math, Mathematics Web is the place to be. Aimed at middle and high school students in grades 6-12, this comprehensive site offers a wide range of free math lessons, exercises, activities and tests.

  1. Sixth grade course
  2. Fifth grade course
  3. Fourth grade course
  4. Third grade course
  5. Courses in Secondary School
  6. First year courses
  7. Courses in Terminale

It not only provides resources for common mathematical topics, but also offers worksheets such as those for the baccalaureate in France and Pondicherry, North America, Morocco, and Lebanon, which students in these regions can use to refresh their knowledge. The online documents are easy to download and print, so they can be accessed at any time – a huge benefit to students and teachers!

  1. Sixth grade exercises
  2. Fifth grade exercises
  3. Fourth grade exercises
  4. Exercises in the third grade
  5. Exercises in Secondary School
  6. Exercises in Première
  7. Exercises in Terminale

Corrected math lessons and exercises to print in PDF.

Mathematics Web is a comprehensive math site that offers a range of educational supplies and challenges for students in all grades. The site is packed with lessons, exercises, activities and tests suitable for all students from grades 6 to 12.

All these courses and exercises are in accordance with the official programs of the FrenchNational Education.

Best of all, they can be downloaded and printed while being totally free! They cover not only the French baccalaureate subjects but also those prescribed in other countries such as North America, Morocco, Lebanon and Pondicherry. Plus, the ninth grade has a wide range of math topics to choose from! Mathematics Web truly makes learning math exciting and practical for everyone.

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Les dernières fiches mises à jour

Voici la liste des derniers cours et exercices ajoutés au site ou mis à jour et similaire à maths: courses and corrected exercises in PDF to print for free. .

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  2. Volumes and sections: math exercises in 3rd grade corrected in PDF.
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  5. Exponential: senior math exercises corrected in PDF.

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