Math test on fractions in 5th grade.

Thus, the chapter on fractions allows you to progress in math but also to discover new methods of calculation. You need to stay focused to master this course and develop good skills. This is one of the most important math chapters in seventh grade so the student must understand it well. Read the statement completely before you begin to work on the exercises. This will give you a good overview and let you know what to expect.

A fifth grade math test on fractions and central symmetry.

Exercise #1:

Using the grid, construct the symmetric of the figure with respect to (d)


Using a ruler and compass, draw the symmetrical shape of the figure with respect to O.


Exercise n°2 : fractions maths

Calculate and simplify the results if possible(fractions) :



C=\frac{9}{4}\times  ,\frac{10}{6}


E=\frac{5}{3}+\frac{7}{3}\times  ,\frac{6}{4}

F=\frac{9}{5}+4\times  ,\frac{3}{10}



Exercise #3:

For each figure, construct its center of symmetry in blue and draw its axes of symmetry in red.

Center and axis of symmetry.

Exercise n°4 : ‘fractions maths

1. There are \frac{10,5}{50} of oxygen and \frac{19,5}{25} of nitrogen in a volume of air. The rest is made up of other gases.

a. What fraction of this volume of air do the other gases represent?

b. Give this result as a percentage.

2. The radius of Jupiter is equal to 11 times that of the Earth.

The radius of the Earth is equal to \frac{4}{3} of the radius of Mercury.

The radius of the Moon is equal to \frac{3}{11} of the radius of the Earth.

a. To what fraction of the radius of Mercury is the radius of the Moon equal?

b. To what fraction of the radius of Jupiter is the radius of the Moon equal?

The earth and the moon.

Exercise #5:

a. Construct a rectangle EFGH of center O such that EF = 7 cm and FG = 5 cm.

b. Construct the circumscribed circles of triangles HEO and FOG.

c. Construct in blue the axes of symmetry of the resulting figure and place in black its center of symmetry. (indicate coding).

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