Statistics: 3rd grade math test to download in PDF.

A math test on statistics in ninth grade.

This proctored math assignment is for teachers or students who want to review a math test on statistics in ninth grade.

Exercise 1:

A merchant receives 90 flashlights and 135 batteries for those flashlights. He wants to package them in identical batches of lamps and batteries using all lamps and batteries.

1) What is the maximum number of batches that can be packaged in this way? Justify.

2) Each lamp uses a battery. How many spare batteries will there be in each batch?


Exercise 2:

A gas station attendant does his accounting at the end of the day. He noticed that 180 motorists had stopped at his place to buy fuel.

The pump attendant draws up the following table:

Amount of fuel (in €)

Number of clients (Headcount)

(in %)

cumulative (in %)

[18 ; 22[


[22 ; 26[


[26 ; 30[


[30 ; 34[


[34 ; 38[


[38 ; 42[


[42 ; 46[


[46 ; 50[



1) Showing one of the frequency calculations, copy and complete the table.

2) Calculate, in €, the average amount of a full tank.

3) a) What percentage of customers spent at least $42?
b) What percentage of customers spent less than $38?

4) Draw a histogram representing this series, with the amounts on the abscissa (1 cm for 4 €) and the numbers on the ordinate (1 cm for 5).

5) Determine the median price paid by motorists using the cumulative frequency polygonal curve.


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