Senior math tests and proctored homework topics in PDF to print.

Proctored homework (DS ) topics for the senior level so you can practice online.
A variety of materials covering the entire official national education program in mathematics for the senior class. These documents will allow you to progress throughout your school year by practicing and noting your various mistakes and to develop other skills in your senior year.

  1. Functions, table of variation and derivative
  2. Neperian logarithm, limits and derivative
  3. Study of functions, algebraic and exponential form
  4. Algorithm and probability, numerical sequences
  5. Recurrent sequence and function
  6. Calculation of integrals and study of functions
  7. Vectors of space and parametric representation of a line
  8. Probability calculations and problems
  9. Conditional probabilities and probability tree
  10. Calculation of limits of functions and asymptotes to a curve

How to do well in a supervised test or math test in high school?

control maths terminale

In order to pass the test, you must first master the content of your course (definition, theorems and properties). It is also necessary to train regularly as a high level athlete would in order to consider a regular progression and to develop other skills.

Here are some tips for passing your senior math test on the topics you mentioned:

  1. Complex numbers: to understand complex numbers, it is important to master the basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and their properties. You should also be able to solve equations and systems of equations using complex numbers.
  2. Matrices: to pass your matrix test, you should be able to calculate products of matrices, determine the determinant of a matrix, and solve linear systems using matrices.
  3. Exponential function: it is important to understand the concept of exponential function and how to use it to solve mathematical problems. You should also be able to calculate limits and derivatives of exponential functions.
  4. Neperian Logarithms: You should be able to calculate logarithms and solve equations and systems of equations using logarithms.
  5. Integrals: to be successful on integrals, you should be able to calculate integrals using different techniques (integration by parts, integration by substitution, etc.) and solve problems using integrals.
  6. Scalar product in space: you should be able to calculate scalar products between vectors and understand their geometric meaning. You should also be able to solve problems using the dot product.

In general, in order to pass the subject that is in line with thenational education program, it is important to have a good understanding of the concepts and techniques you have learned and to know how to apply them to concrete problems. It can be helpful to review regularly by doing exercises and working on problems of different levels of difficulty. If you are having trouble, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or a classmate for help.

All these topics cover the different points of the terminale program such as the complex numbers with the algebraic and geometric point of view. The divisibility in \mathbb{Z} and the calculation of the PGCD of two integers. The study of matrices and matrix sequences in the final year of high school.

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