Proportionality: math test in 4th grade

A check on proportionality in eighth grade math (4th grade) is always necessary. The chapter on proportionality in math is mandatory for the student to understand.

Proctored homework on proportionality.

Exercise 1:

Among these tables, which is the one that reflects a proportionality? If it is the case, specify the value of the proportionality coefficient a.

Table A

Table B

















Exercise 2:

a) A galloping horse travels 7.50 meters in one second. Marc, on his bicycle, is moving at a speed of 26 km/h.

Who is the fastest? Justify your answer.

b) A pedestrian takes 1h30 min to walk 7,5 km. What is his speed in m/s ?in km/h ? ( rounded to the nearest 0,1 )

Exercise 3:

Determine the unknown values so that this table is a proportionality table.

Height (in m)




Volume (in L)




Exercise 4:

A tap is opened and the amount of water flowing out is measured according to the time.

We obtain the following graph:

Abscissa: 1 square represents 10 seconds,

Ordinate: 1 tile represents 3 liters.


a) Does this graph reflect a situation of proportionality?

Justify the answer ?

b) Graphically indicate the quantity of water flowing in :

30 sec; 1 min; 1 min 30 sec.

c) Graphically indicate the time to fill a tank with :

48 liters; 6 liters; 21 liters.

d) Determine graphically the value of the proportionality coefficient.

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