Proportionality: math exercises in 5th grade corrected in PDF.

Proportionality with corrected 5th grade math exercises will be of great help to you. The student will need to know how to demonstrate whether a table is proportional but also how to calculate the value of the proportionality coefficient. The student must also determine the value of the fourth proportional by calculation using the cross product rule.
They will be able to develop skills by solving real-life problems and checking whether two quantities are proportional.
The correction allows students to identify errors made in order to overcome their difficulties in mathematics and to progress throughout the school year in fifth grade.
These exercises are very varied with increasing difficulty and similar to your textbook.

Exercise 1: proportionality

Are the following tables proportional tables?

proportionality table

Exercise 2: proportionality

Match rows in pairs (one row from the first column and one row from the second) to obtain proportional tables:

proportionality table

Exercise #3:

Which table is not a proportional table?

proportionality table

Exercise 4: proportionality

With 15 kg of wheat, we obtain 12 kg of flour.
It is assumed that there is proportionality between the quantity of wheat and the quantity of flour obtained.

Wheat and flour

a. Calculate the proportionality coefficient 1.
What does it mean for the situation?

b. Calculate the quantities 2 and 3.

interpret these results for the situation.

Exercise 5: proportionality

Here are two excerpts from a video game:

video game

a. Is the number of points proportional to the number of cuts? Explain.

b. How many cuts does it take to get 4,000 points?

c. Louise won 9 cups.

How many points did she get?

Exercise 6: proportionality

Is the mass of a bag proportional to the number of balls it contains?

Mass of a bag and proportionality

Exercise #7:

Who of Arthur or Myriam is right?

Price of an egg

Exercise #8:

This diagram illustrates the violence of the impacts suffered by pedestrians hit by a car.
a. Explain the meaning of this diagram.
b. Present the data from this diagram in a table.

c. Is the violence of the impact suffered by a pedestrian proportional to the speed of the car?

Shock violence

Exercise #9:

Copy and complete this proportionality table.

Proportionality table

Exercise #10:

The quantity of kibble that Valerie gives each day to her two dogs, Filou and Réglisse, is
proportional to their weight.

quantity of croquettes

a. How much kibble does Valerie give to Licorice each day?
b. For how many days can Valerie feed her two dogs with a 2.5 kg bag of kibble?

Exercise 11: proportionality

Which of these beauty creams contains the highest proportion of water?

beauty creams

Exercise 12:

During their vacations, Aristide, Basile and Candide rented a bicycle together. Aristide used it 9 days, Basile 12 days and Candide the last 3 days. The total price of the rental is 88 €.

Bike rental

How much does everyone have to pay?

Exercise 13:

Three children gather for a snack. The first brings 5 cakes, the second brings 4. The third, who did not bring a cake, gives 1,8€.

Snack time and proportionality

Since the cakes are all the same price, how do you divide the €1.8 between the first two children?

Exercise 14:

One person picks 5 kg of cherries in 3 hours.


How many minutes would it take 4 people to pick 9 kg of cherries?

Exercise 15:

An inter-galactic travel company offers the following rates:
Shuttle Z2H6 : 90 000 km for 45 €.
SpeedSky shuttle : 10 000 km for 6 €.

  1. Abuwan makes a 460,000 km trip in Z2H6. What is the price of his ticket?

2. Berdeckti pays 18 € for a ticket in SpeedSky. How far does he want to travel?

3. Cossandra pays 20 € for a 40 000 km trip. What type of shuttle does she travel in?

Exercise 16:

Mr. Durand subscribes to a car insurance contract for an annual amount of 600 €.

Car insurance

  1. His employer grants an annual allowance of €150 to all employees who use their vehicle for work purposes. Knowing that this is the case for Mr. Durand, this indemnity represents what percentage of the annual price of the insurance?

2. Since Mr. Durand has not had any accidents for many years, the insurance company gives him a “bonus”, i.e. a 35% reduction on his insurance. What is the amount of this reduction?

3. What is the remaining amount to be paid by Mr. Durand?

Exercise 17:

In a store, Gabrielle decides to buy a jacket displayed at 110 € and sold at 88 €.

  1. Calculate the amount of the discount in euros.

2. What percentage of the original price is this discount?

Exercise 18:

A family invests €2,450 in a savings account.

After one year, she has €2,548 in this account.

Savings account

  1. Calculate the amount of interest paid in euros.
  2. Calculate the amount of interest paid as a percentage of the amount invested.

See the answer key for this exercise.

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