Proportionality: 4th grade math exercises corrected in PDF.

Proportionality through corrected 4th grade math exercises is very beneficial for students. In this chapter, students will be expected to know the definition of two proportional quantities as well as to check whether a table is proportional. This will allow them to develop computational skills by knowing how to determine the value of the proportionality coefficient and the fourth proportional.
Thus, these exercises with their correction will allow you to note your errors and to progress throughout the school year.

Series of exercises on proportionality

Exercise 1:

Are the tables below proportional tables?

proportionality table

Exercise 2 proportionality :

For each proportionality table, calculate the value of the fourth proportional.

Fourth proportional

Exercise 3:

    1. A car drives at 85 km/h; give its speed in meters per second. (m/s)
    2. The flow of a river is 27 dm^3 per second (dm^3 /s). How is this flow rate expressed in liters per minute?
    3. A cyclist travels 13 km in 16 min. What is its speed in km/h?

Exercise 4 proportionality:

Thermal insulation can reduce heating costs by 12%.

  1. What was the expense before insulation if we pay after 4 254,80 €.

Exercise 5:

On a 1:25,000 scale I.G.N. map, the distance d corresponds to a distance D on the ground.

  1. Express d as a function of D , then D as a function of d.
  2. What distance on the ground corresponds to a distance of 12 cm on the map?
  3. What distance on the map corresponds to a distance on the ground of 1.8 km?

Exercise 6

The mass of one meter of a certain wire is 30 g.

  1. Determine and graph the mass versus the length of the wire.
  2. Show how the mass of 5 meters of wire can be read on this graph.
  3. Show how the length of a wire weighing 235 g can be read from this graph.

Exercise 7

A car consumes 6 liters of gasoline to travel 100 km at a speed of 90 km/h. We denote by d the distance traveled and by x the quantity of gasoline used.

  1. Calculate the fuel consumption for 1 km.
  2. Calculate the distance traveled with 1 liter of gasoline.
  3. Graph the distance as a function of the amount of gasoline used.
  4. Show on this graph the distance that can be covered with 14 liters.
  5. Show on this graph the amount of gasoline needed to travel 420 km.

Proportionality and fuel consumption

See the answer key for this exercise.

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