Perimeters and areas: 6th grade math lessons to download in PDF.

This is a math course on duration, perimeter and area of figures in the 6th grade, studying the perimeter of a square, rectangle and circle. We will study the perimeter of a square, rectangle and a circle, the definition of area and the definition of particular polygons. Then, we will finish this lesson with the notion of duration and the calculation of time. The student will have to know how to convert areas and perimeters and know the formulas for calculating the area of a square, a rectangle and then know how to calculate the perimeter of a circle with the famous number \pi.
Operative techniques by decomposing figures in order to calculate more easily the perimeter or the area of a figure or to compare the perimeter and the area of two figures in geometry in the sixth grade. We will end this chapter with the calculation of duration and the conversion of time, but we will also see how to add or subtract to calculate the duration between two events.

I. Lengths and perimeters

1. concept of perimeter

The perimeter of a figure is the length of its contour.

Example: perimeter of a polygon.

To calculate the perimeter P of this polygon, we add the lengths of each side.


The perimeter of this polygon is 7.9 cm.


2. perimeter of a rectangle and a square

perimeter of a rectangle and a square


The perimeter P of the rectangle shown below is :

P=2\times  \,2,5+2\times  \,1,5\,=8\,\,cm.

The perimeter of the rectangle is 8 cm.


3. perimeter of a circle

The length (or perimeter) P of a circle is given by P=2\times  \,\pi\times  \,R.

circle perimeter


The perimeter of a circle of radius 3 cm is P=2\times  \,\pi\times  \,3=6\times  \,\pi\approx\,18,85\,cm.


1. figure areas

The area of a figure is the measure of the interior surface.


The area of the figure below is equal to six units.


2.area units

A unit of area often used is the square meter (m²).1 m² is the area of a square with side 1 m.

Other area units

The square decimeter (dm²) is the area of a square of side 1 dm.

A square of area 1 m² contains 100 squares of area 1 dm².

So 1\,m^2=100\,dm^2.




To measure the area of land, the are (a) and the hectare (ha) are used:1\,\,a\,=\,100\,\,m^2 and 1\,ha\,=\,10\,000\,\,m^2.

3.areas of particular polygons

4. area of a disk


III. durations



The measure of time between two moments is called duration. A unit of time often used is the second (s).

Other units of duration:


A movie starts at 5:40 pm and ends at 7:10 pm.

Its duration is 20 min + 1 h 10 min=1 h 30 min.

This session lasted 1 h 30 min.

Did you learn about perimeters and areas in 6th grade?

Périmètres et aires de figures

Un QCM de maths sur les périmètres et aires de figures. en 6ème.

Things to remember:

Skills to learn about perimeters and areas:

what to remember

  • Know the definition of the perimeter and area of a figure;
  • Know the formulas for the square, the rectangle, the circle;
  • Know how to convert lengths;
  • Know how to convert areas;
  • Solve problems.

This course is in accordance with the official programs of thenational education.

As a complement, you can consult the exercises on the perimeter and area of a figure in sixth grade.

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