Fractions: corrected 6th grade math exercises in PDF.

Fractions with corrected 6th grade math exercises will allow students to practice online to progress throughout the school year. The student must know the definition of a fraction and be able to represent it on a graduated line, but also be able to reduce two fractions to the same denominator in order to compare them.

Develop your math skills through materials similar to your textbook. The corrections allow the student to correct himself and to identify his errors in order to fill in his gaps and to plan a progression throughout the school year on fractions.

In 6th grade, students learn to work and perform operations with these numbers.

By working on these exercises, students can improve their understanding of fractions and their properties, as well as their ability to perform operations with these numbers. These skills are important for many aspects of daily life, including finances and shopping, and will be useful in later school years.

You can download these math exercises for the sixth grade (6ème) for free in PDF format.

Exercise 1:

Indicate which fraction of each figure represents the colored portion.


Exercise 2:

Indicate which fraction of each disk represents the colored portion.

Fractions and colored parts

Exercise 3:

Color the fraction of the rectangle that is shown.

Fractions and grids

Exercise 4:

Write each of the following fractions in full.


Exercise 5:

Write in fractional form:

1.12 hundredths;

2.26 thousandths;

3.16 thirds;

4.Three halves;

5.8 quarters;

6.32 fifths;



Exercise 6:

Complete the following equations:

a.6\times  ,\frac{8}{6}

b.13\times  ,\frac{55}{13}

c.19\times  ,\frac{...}{...}=76

d.\frac{100}{...},\times  ,7,=100

e.\frac{...}{8}\times  ,8=4

Exercise 7:

In each case, give the abscissa of each of the points A, B, C, D, E, in fractional form.

Fraction and graduated line

Exercise 8:

Complete the following expressions with the symbol >,< or =.







See the answer key for this exercise.

Things to remember:

Skills to learn about fractions:

what to remember

  • Know the definition;
  • Know how to compare fractions and place them on a graduated line;
  • Know the difference between a fraction, a decimal fraction and a fractional writing;
  • Calculate the fraction of a quantity;
  • Reduce to the same denominator.

These exercises are in accordance with the officialnational education programs.

In addition, you can consult the course on fractions in sixth grade.

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