Fractions: corrected 5th grade math exercises in PDF.

Fractions with corrected 5th grade math exercises will be of great help. The student must know the definition and be able to graph the fraction of a figure or quantity and also know how to represent it on a graduated line. The goal is also to develop computational skills by knowing how to reduce two fractions to the same denominator in order to compare them or to arrange them in ascending or descending order.
The correction of these exercises allows the student to identify his or her various errors and then to correct his or her difficulties in order to progress in mathematics throughout the school year. Many exercises similar to those in your textbook with increasing difficulty.
We will end this lesson on fractions with real life problems to solve in the fifth grade.

Exercise 1:

How much of the area of this square is colored… green ? red ? green and red?


Exercise 2:

The cocktail “fruits of the islands” is composed :

  • 6 cL of lychee juice;
  • 8 cL of kiwi juice;
  • of 12 cL of passion fruit;
  • 10 cL of guava juice.

1.What is the proportion of each fruit juice in this cocktail?

2.simplify fractions.

Fruit cocktails

Exercise 3:

For each piece of this tangram, indicate the proportion that represents

its surface in relation to the total surface of the square.

Fractions and tangram

Exercise 4:

Complete the following dotted lines:

Fractions and simplification

Exercise 5:

Connect by a line the figures whose colored surface proportions

are equal.

Write then, the corresponding fractions equalities.

Fractions and proportions

Exercise 6:

1.color the equal squares with the same color.

What is the number of the uncolored square?

Equal fractions

Exercise 7:

We propose to compare the two fractions A=\frac{128}{157} and B=\frac{172}{113}.

  1. Compare the fractions A and B to 1.
  2. Deduce a comparison between A and B.

Exercise 8:

In each case below, compare the two fractions, comparing each fraction to 1.

Comparison of fractions

See the answer key for this exercise.

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