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In this joint assignment, you must use the properties well and avoid calculation errors.

Mathematics (Common Assignment)

The use of calculators is prohibited

Exercise n° 1 : ( 3 pts) common homework

Calculate by detailing the steps:

A=7+3\times  ,8\\B=12-4+4+5-3\\C=60-(6+4: ,2)

Exercise 2: (2 pts) shared homework

This exercise is a multiple choice questionnaire (M.C.Q.). No justification is required.

For each question, three answers are proposed. Only one is accurate.

For each question, indicate on the copy the number of the question and copy the correct answer.

Answer A

Answer B

Answer C



AB=7 cm; AC=3cm and BC=3.8 cm


The points A, B and C are aligned. The triangle ABC is not constructible. The triangle ABC is constructible.



What do you call a line that passes through the vertex of a triangle and through the middle of the opposite side?

A height A mediator A median

Exercise 3: (3 pts) shared homework

Graduated line

  1. Give the abscissae of points A and B.
  2. Place on the line above, the point C whose abscissa is the opposite of the abscissa of A.
  3. What can we say about points A and C?
  4. What is the distance to zero from the abscissa of point B?

Exercise 4: (2 pts) shared homework

Arrange the following numbers in ascending order:


Exercise n°5 : (3 pts) joint assignment

Thierry buys 3 bottles of fruit juice at 0.90 € per bottle and 1.5 kg of oranges at 2 € per kilogram.

He pays with a 10 € bill.

  1. Which of the following expression(s) can be used to calculate how much money Thierry has left?

(no calculation is required )

A= 10 – 3 × 0.90 + 1.5 × 2 B= 10 – (3 × 0.90) + (1.5 × 2)

C=10 – 3 × 0.90 – 1.5 × 2 D=10 – (3 × 0.90 + 1.5× 2)

2. Calculate the amount of money Thierry has left.

Fruit juice.

Exercise n° 6 : (3 pts)

The figure below was drawn using geometry software. The points A, B and E are aligned.

Construct this figure in real size, the unit of length being the centimeter. (Leave the construction lines visible).


Exercise n° 7 : (4 pts)

Figure F ,below, consists of the triangle ABC and the semicircle of diameter [AB] and center O.

  1. Construct, below, the point N’ symmetrical to the point N with respect to P.
  2. Construct, below, the figure F ‘ symmetrical to the figure F with respect to P.

We will call A’,B’,C’,O’ the respective symmetries of points A, B, C, O with respect to P (Leave the construction lines visible).

  1. Name a segment with the same length as [BC]. (justify your answer)
  2. Show that the lines (AB) and (A’B’) are parallel.

Central symmetry of a geometric figure.

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