Download the 4th grade math homework in PDF format.

Joint mathematics assignment in the fourth grade.

The use of a calculator is allowed. Carefulness, spelling and writing will be considered in the scoring.

Only the MCQ of the geometric part is to be returned on the subject.

Exercise 1 shared homework

a) Calculate A and B, showing all steps of the calculations on the copy.

A=\frac{3}{5}-\frac{14}{5}\times  ,\frac{2}{7}

B=-5+4\times  ,,(,-2+4\times  ,(-3),,)

b) Use your calculator to perform the following calculation.

No justification is required, only the result must be written on the copy.

C=\frac{107,3-(5-4\times  ,2,7)}{14,3}
(give the rounding of C to the nearest 0.01)

Exercise 2 ”Joint homework”

a) Remove the parentheses and reduce the expression M.


b) Expand and reduce N and P.



c) Calculate N when x is equal to 3.

Exercise 3 ”Joint homework”

Show that each sentence below is false with a counterexample:

a) “when divided by 0.1 the result is smaller than the starting number.”

b) “A number is always greater than its inverse

c) “When you multiply a number by – 1 the result is always smaller than the starting number”.

d) “When you multiply a number by 4, the result is always greater than the original number.

Exercise 4 shared homework

A calculation program is given:

  • Choose a number.
  • Add 2
  • Multiply the sum obtained by the chosen number
  • Add 1 to this product
  • Write the result.

1) Write the calculations to verify that if we run this program with the number – 1 , we get 0.

2) Give the result provided by the program when the chosen number is -6

3) Give the result provided by the program when the chosen number is 4

4) Write the expression obtained for any number a.

Exercise 5 ”Joint homework”.

1. Determine the nature of the triangle RST, R, S and T points of the circle C of center O

2. Furthermore, RT = 65 mm and RS = 72 mm are given. Show that RT = 97 mm. Make a full-scale figure

3. Construct a point A such that AR = 53 mm and AT = 81 mm. Is the ART triangle rectangular? Justify.


Exercise 6 ”Joint homework”.

  1. Prove that ABC is a right triangle
  2. Calculate BD
  3. Prove that points A, B, C and D are on the same circle whose center and radius you will specify.


Exercise 7 shared homework

Calculate the shaded area.

ABCD is a rectangle and the unit is the meter.

AB = 25, BC = 12, DK = 24 and KC = 7


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