Decimal numbers: corrected 6th grade math exercises in PDF.

Decimal numbers with corrected 6th grade math exercises on the integer and decimal part. The student will need to master the different ways of writing a decimal number and its different decompositions. Compare two decimal numbers and place them on a graduated line. Develop skills through numerous corrected exercises in order to progress and fill in gaps.

Decimal number exercises in 6th grade can be varied and fun.

By working on these exercises, 6th graders can improve their understanding of decimal numbers and their properties, as well as their ability to perform operations with these numbers. These skills are important for many aspects of daily life, including finances and shopping, and will be useful in later school years.

The correction will allow the student, in addition to practicing online, to be able to identify his various errors in order to progress throughout the school year. A variety of materials will allow you to review through exercises similar to those in your textbook.

Exercise 1:

In the number 84,735 …

  1. the number of tenths is ..;
  2. the number units is ..;
  3. the number of thousandths is ..;
  4. the number of hundreds is …;

Exercise 2:

Complete the following table:

Decimal numbers

Exercise 3:

Write the following decimal numbers in words 36,24 ; 48,5 ; 243,81; 7,03 ; 0,75 .

Exercise 4:

Write the following decimal numbers with digits:

Example: three units fifteen hundredths = 3.15

  • three units fifteen thousandths;
  • six units five tenths;
  • seven units twenty hundredths;
  • zero units five tenths;
  • thirteen units twenty thousandths.

Exercise 5:

Rewrite the numbers below, deleting unnecessary zeros where necessary.

302,40 03,420 300,402 003,420 30,402 300,042 3,204 32,400

Exercise 6:

Write the following numbers as a decimal fraction:

  1. 7+\frac{6}{10}=\frac{...}{...}
  2. 9+\frac{7}{1\,000}=\frac{...}{...}
  3. 54+\frac{3}{100}=\frac{...}{...}
  4. 3+\frac{5}{10}+\frac{2}{100}=\frac{...}{...}
  5. \frac{6}{10}+\frac{8}{1000}=\frac{...}{...}
  6. 7+\frac{2}{1000}+\frac{4}{100}=\frac{...}{...}

Exercise 7:

Decompose the following numbers as in the example: 7,36=7+\frac{3}{10}+\frac{6}{100}.

3,79 ; 5,325; 65,32; 17,906; 0,002 7.

Exercise 8:

Put the sign = or \neq (equal or not equal).

48 ………….. 048 03,70 ………… 037,0 3,45 ………….. 03,45

24 ………….. 2400 3,507 ………… 35,07 1,200 ………….. 1,2

Exercise 9:

Write the following decimal numbers as decimal fractions:

Example: 1,23,=\frac{,123,}{100}

0,35 = 1,236 = 5,25 =

2,108 = 11,816 =

Exercise 10:

Complete using the signs <, > or =

Example: 0.431 < 0.5

3,20 ……………………. 3,2

4,1 …………………… 3,9

7, 78 ………………….. 7,8

2,387 ………………… 2,377

Exercise 11:

Place the following numbers on a graduated line: 4.2 – 2.3 – 10.2 – 0.5 – 4.7 – 7.4 – 8.8 – 2.8

Exercise 12:

Place, as precisely as possible, the points on the graduated lines below.

Graduated lines

Exercise 13:

Round the following decimal numbers to the nearest unit:

Example: 4.607 => 5

4.125 => ____________

13.89 => _____________

30.508 => ____________

11.025 => _____________

31,024 =>

See the answer key for this exercise.

Things to remember:

Skills to learn about decimal numbers:

what to remember

  • Know the definition of a decimal number;
  • Notion of integer and decimal parts;
  • Know how to give the position of a number (tenth, hundredth, unit, thousands, …);
  • Perform operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and Euclidean division);
  • Decompose a decimal number;
  • Know how to compare two decimal numbers and place abscissas on a graduated half-line.

These exercises are in accordance with the officialnational education programs.

In addition, you can continue with the course on decimal numbers in the sixth grade.

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