Corrected 4th grade math exercises in PDF to download or print.

Eighth grade math exercises in the fourth grade middle school curriculum. These exercises allow you to revise your math chapters in order to prepare for a test.

These exercises were written by a teacher of the national education. You will find on Mathematics Web a series of exercises on each chapter of the program.

Chapters on relative numbers, the Pythagorean theorem, fractions, the midline, the circumscribed circle, literal calculus.

These exercises can be viewed online or downloaded for free in PDF format.

  1. Relative number calculations and problems
  2. Pythagorean Theorem
  3. Fraction calculations and problems
  4. Proportionality
  5. Statistics
  6. Literal calculation and double distributivity
  7. Solving equations
  8. Powers of 10 and of a relative number and formulas
  9. Cosinus
  10. Cone and pyramids

Other corrected exercises in 4th grade in the form of videos.

  1. Distance and time of a giraffe
  2. Average speed of two teenagers
  3. Average speed of an object
  4. The cross product
  5. Proportionality with bamboo
  6. Proportionality with steel tubes
  7. Rotation: image construction and properties
  8. Rotation: construction with the protractor and the compass
  9. Volume of a cone
  10. Volume of a pyramid
  11. Volume of ice cream
  12. Volume of a conical glass
  13. The properties of translation
  14. Rotation and translation
  15. Fractions and complex calculations
  16. The equations and problem of the cow
  17. Equations with Titeuf and Asterix
  18. Expand and reduce literal expressions
  19. Pythagorean Theorem
  20. Literal calculation and geometry
  21. The powers
  22. The scientific writing of a number
  23. Powers and calculations
  24. Scientific notation
  25. Symmetry, translation and rotation
  26. The double distributivity
  27. Sign rule and product of relative numbers
  28. Direct part of the Pythagorean theorem
  29. Reciprocal part of the Pythagorean theorem
  30. Volume formulas for solids

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Increase your results with the 4th grade math exercises corrected online

Exercises maths 5ème In order to progress, there is no miracle solution or magic formula, only regular work with math exercises in 4th grade containing increasing difficulties and an invested and motivated student will be able to envisage a constant progression in his work and his school results. Mathematics Web provides you with many free corrected exercises that you can download and print in PDF format.

Each exercise is corrected by a teacher of thenational education and will allow you to note your various errors in order not to commit them a second time.

This is a critical grade where you will develop your skills in literal and relative numbers and fraction calculations which are central chapters.

In sum, 4th grade math exercises can help students strengthen their math knowledge and develop new problem-solving skills.

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