Arithmetic: 3rd grade math test printable PDF.

A third grade math test on arithmetic.

This supervised arithmetic assignment is intended for teachers but also for ninth graders who want to review a math quiz.

Exercise 1:

2 points

  1. 1. Write the list of divisors of 75 and that of 46.
  2. 2. Show that 75 and 46 are prime.

Exercise 2:

2 points

Using the subtraction method, find the PGCD of 493 and 377.

Exercise 3:

3 points ‘arithmetic’

  1. 1. Using Euclid’s algorithm, find the greatest common divisor of 3,588 and 966.
  2. 2. Simplify the fraction \frac{966}{3\,588} to make it irreducible.

Exercise 4:

3 points

  1. 1. Calculate the PGCD of 110 and 88.
  2. 2. A worker has metal plates 110 cm long and 88 cm wide. He was instructed to “cut out identical squares from these plates, as large as possible, so that there is no loss”. What will be the length of the side of a square?

Exercise 5:

4 points ‘arithmetic’

A cook prepared a chocolate cake in a 56 cm by 35 cm pan.

He cuts the cake into identical rectangular pieces whose length and width are whole numbers. It makes the same number of parts in the length and in the width.

  1. 1. How many shares are there?
  2. 2. What are the dimensions of each share?

Chocolate cake

Exercise 6:

4 points

Mr. Martin called all his grandchildren together and said, “I’m going to give all the boys 8,750 euros and all the girls 6,250 euros. But don’t worry, you will all get the same amount of money. ”

  1. 1. Knowing that Mr. Smith has given everyone the largest amount possible, calculate this amount.
  2. 2. Deduce the number of boys and girls.

Exercise 7:

2 points ‘arithmetic’

In the final tableau of the dance show, all the dancers were on the floor.

Dance show

When they were grouped by 2, 1 was left alone

When they were grouped by 3, 2 were left

When they were grouped by 4, 3 were left

When they were grouped by 5, 4 were left

The dancers were less than 100. How many were there?

(justify your answer)

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