Areas of figures: 5th grade math test to print as a PDF.

A fifth grade math test on the areas of geometric figures is essential. Thus, en mathematics, area is a quantity related to certain figures in the plane or to surfaces in space geometry. For this purpose, the area allows to express a ratio of size of a figure. Moreover, the measure of an area can be a positive real number or be infinite for some surfaces like the whole plane. In addition, several techniques have been developed to measure an area, from the method of indivisibles to the integral calculation. The student must be able to understand the course and do the exercises correctly. Use the concepts learned in class to do the calculations and find the correct results. Read the entire statement before you begin so that you don’t make mistakes when solving the exercises.

The student should also develop new skills by the end of the chapter and be able to apply computational methods in everyday life.

D.S: areas of geometric figures.

Exercise 1 : ( 4 pts)

Calculate the area of the following figures (in cm²):

Area of a triangle.

Area of a triangle.

Exercise 2: (2 pts)

Perform the following conversions:

a. 12 m² in dm² b. 1,32 dm² in cm² c. 4,5 cm² in m² d. 8 552 m² in km²

Exercise 3: (4 pts)

A field has the shape of a trapezoid.

Calculate the area of the field (in m²).


Exercise 4: (5 pts)

We know that:

  • E is the middle of [CB]
  • CD = 3 cm
  • AB = 6 cm
  • (CD) is perpendicular to (AB)


1. Calculate the area of ABC.

2. Calculate the area of the triangle CAE. Justify the calculation.

Exercise 5: (5 pts)

Find for each figure the value of the letter by explaining the calculations:

Area of geometric figures.

Square. Area = 49 cm² Rectangle. Area = 90 mm² Triangle. area = 210 cm².

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