Areas and perimeters: math exercises in 5th grade corrected in PDF.

Figure areas with corrected exercises in fifth grade are always essential to the student’s understanding. Thus, the latter will have to be able to convert quantities but also to calculate the area
usual figures such as the square, the rectangle, the rhombus, the parallelogram, the trapezoid or the area of a disk of radius R.
You will have many exercises and problems to solve on the areas of geometric figures to develop solid skills in calculus and geometry.
These work materials are similar to those in your textbook. In addition, the correction allows students to identify errors made in calculating the area of a figure in order to fill in gaps in mathematics and progress throughout the school year in fifth grade.

Series of exercises on areas and perimeters

Exercise #1:

1. the intruder: On the grid below, six figures have been drawn.

Knowing that the unit of area is the square, calculate the area of each of the 6 figures and find the intruder.

Area of geometric figures.

2. Calculate the area of the following figures:

Area of a rectangle

Exercise 2 areas and perimeters :

Using the square as a unit of area, give the area of rectangle ABCD and then the area of each of the parallelograms.

Area of a parallelogram.

Exercise #3:

The figure below is a parallelogram.

Area of a parallelogram.

1° Calculate its area.

2° Calculate its perimeter.

Exercise #4:

Consider the parallelogram below.

( a and d denote the heights ) .

Area of a parallelogram.

Circle the products that express thearea of this parallelogram?

a \times  d

c \times  d

b \times  d

a \times  b

a \times  c

b \times  c

Exercise 5 areas and perimeters :

ABCD is a square of side 5 cm.

The two half-discs have diameters [AB] and [AD].

Calculate the area, in cm², of the blue surface to the nearest hundredth.
Area of a figure

Exercise #6:

Calculate the area of the orange surface.

Area of the orange surface

Exercise 7 areas and perimeters :

A disc has a diameter of 10 cm.
Using the key \pi of the calculator, give an approximate value of its
area, in cm² :
a. to the nearest unit;
b. to the nearest hundredth.

Area of a disk

Exercise #8:

Calculate the perimeter of the polygon ABCDE below.

Perimeter of the polygon

Exercise #9:

It took 73.20 m of rope to install the three ropes of this boxing ring.

How long is the side of this square ring?

Perimeter of a square

Exercise #10:

Calculate the areas of these triangles, then arrange these areas in ascending order.

Areas of triangles

Exercise #11:

The orange and green surfaces are delimited by semicircles with centers D, B and
E. Also, AD = 1.5 cm.
Calculate the area, in cm², of the green surface to the nearest hundredth.

Green and orange surface area

Exercise #12:

In handball, the goal area consists of two quarter discs and a rectangle.

Goal area

Calculate the area, in m², of this goal area to the nearest hundredth.

See the answer key for this exercise.

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