3rd grade math tests and supervised homework topics in PDF.

Math tests in 9th grade allowing students to practice on different materials and to prepare an evaluation in the best conditions. These topics are posted online for free and others are added regularly to allow different students of third grade to review online a math assessment.

These materials cover different notions of the official programs such as arithmetic and the decomposition of integers into prime factors, the theorem of Thales and trigonometry in the right-angled triangle. But also, on functions and its generalities as well as on linear functions and probabilities. Practice with probability and statistics or with homotheties in the plane or sections of solids in space.

  1. General information on functions
  2. Trigonometry in the right triangle
  3. affine functions
  4. The equations
  5. The square roots
  6. Statistics
  7. Linear functions
  8. Theorem of Thales
  9. Arithmetic
  10. statistics
  11. Trigonometry
  12. Literal calculation
  13. Volume sections in space
  14. Arithmetic and calculation of the PGCD
  15. Theorem of Thales
  16. Calculations with fractions, Pythagoras and Thales theorems
  17. Powers and calculations, Pythagorean and Thales theorems and literal calculation
  18. Literal calculation and Thales and Pythagorean theorems
  19. Fractions, calculation program and Pythagorean theorem
  20. Square roots, Pythagorean theorem and equations
  21. Affine and linear functions and problem solving
  22. Functions, volumes and sections of solids in space
  23. Sections of solids and volume calculations in space

Revise your 3rd grade math test with the different subjects in 3rd grade.

control maths 3ème The purpose of these resources is to allow students who want to prepare for an assessment on the Day to be ready in the best possible conditions. Developing skills and reducing deficiencies in mathematics is the goal of every student who wants to succeed in school.

A database of tests or supervised homework to be done online, with the will and without a private teacher, your investment will allow you to see your results and your average in mathematics increase constantly throughout the school year.

All subjects are in accordance with the officialnational education programs in third grade.

Here are some tips to pass your 3rd grade math test on prime factor decomposition, Thales’ theorem, sections of solids in space, literal calculus, homotheties and trigonometry in the right triangle:

  1. Review key concepts: make sure you understand each concept before moving on. If you are having trouble with a particular subject, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or a classmate for help.
  2. Practice: Practice is essential to mastering math. Find exercises on these different topics and try to solve them by yourself before looking at the solutions.
  3. Use online resources: there are many websites and YouTube videos that can help you better understand math. You can for example consult the mathematiques-web.fr website to find detailed explanations on each concept.
  4. Organize your work: plan your work time so that you don’t leave everything for the last minute. For example, you can devote a certain number of hours a day to reviewing your math, and vary the subjects so you don’t get bored.
  5. Ask for help if you need it: if you have trouble understanding a concept or solving an exercise, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or a classmate for help. This will help you progress faster and pass your math test.

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