Fractions: 4th grade math exercises corrected in PDF.

Fractions through corrected math exercises in 4th grade. Students will be able to calculate with fractions and use the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Calculating with fractions involves performing arithmetic operations with numbers that are represented as fractions. Fractions have a numeric part called the numerator and a denominator part that indicates the amount to which the numerator is divided. rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication and quotient of fractions.

Develop your calculation skills through various materials and numerous exercises and corrected problems that will allow you to identify your errors in order to fill your gaps in fractions. Real-life problems to solve that are similar to those in your eighth grade textbook.

Exercise 1:

Calculate the following expressions, giving the result as an irreducible fraction:

A=\frac{3}{5}\times  \,\frac{15}{6}\\B=\frac{14}{11}\times  \,\frac{33}{7}\\C=\frac{2}{3}\times  \,\frac{3}{8}\\D=\frac{3}{2}\times  \,\frac{2}{5}\times  \,\frac{15}{6}

Exercise 2:

Calculate the following numbers, giving the results in irreducible fraction form:

A=7\times  \,\frac{9}{21}\\B=\frac{12}{35}\times  \,5\\C=\frac{3}{5}\times  \,\frac{15}{6}\\D=\frac{25}{49}\times  \,\frac{28}{5}\times  \,\frac{33}{10}

Exercise 3:

Write the following numbers as an irreducible fraction:

A=\frac{2}{3}-\frac{3}{4}\times  \,\frac{5}{9}\\B=\frac{3}{2}+\frac{5}{4}\times  \,\frac{2}{15}\\C=\frac{5}{7}\times  \,\,(\,\frac{9}{5}-\frac{3}{4}\,\,)

Exercise 4:
Calculate and give the result in irreducible form.

A=\frac{3}{4}\times  \,\frac{4}{5}+\frac{7}{5}\\B=(3+\frac{5}{7})\times  \,7

Exercise 5:

By writing the intermediate steps, calculate the numbers A, B and give each result as an irreducible fraction.

A=\frac{14}{5}\,: \,\,(\,-\frac{21}{65}\,\,)


Exercise 6:

Calculate the following expressions:

A=\frac{5}{4}+\frac{11}{4}\\B=\frac{7}{8}-\frac{5}{2}\\C=\frac{1}{5}-\frac{13}{4}\\D=\frac{5}{2}+\frac{2}{7}\times  \,\frac{3}{4}\\E=\frac{7}{5}:\frac{3}{2}+\frac{8}{3}

Exercise 7:

After long negotiations, it was agreed that Lea would inherit two-fifteenths of her uncle’s fortune at the end of the world; Florian, one-ninth of this fortune; Jean and Justine

will share the rest equally.

What will be the respective shares of Jean and Justine?

Inheritance and fractions

Exercise 8:

At snack time, Lise eats \frac{1}{4} from the package of cakes she has just opened.

Back from school, her sister Agathe eats the \frac{2}{3} cakes left in the package

started by Lise.

There are five cakes left.

What was the initial number of cakes in the package?

Fractions and cakes

See the answer key for this exercise.

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