Factor and expand: corrected math exercises in 2nd grade in PDF.

The student in the second grade should be able to factor and expand literal expressions. Thus, with exercises on factoring and development of literal expressions and literal calculus in the second grade, the student will be able to progress further throughout the school year. This chapter requires concentration but also regular practice.

Always stay focused and follow the course carefully so you don’t miss important information. Do not hesitate to ask your teacher questions if there are parts of the course that you do not understand. This will prevent you from getting stuck on your math test. Then, you must always participate in the course. This is how you will easily understand. In order to master a course, you should always have the habit of rereading it at home. In addition, the exercises done in class must be repeated.

Thus, factoring a literal expression consists of breaking it down into simple factors that can be multiplied together to obtain the original expression.

Exercise 1:

Expand, reduce and order the following expressions.

a) 3x(x+5) b) -2x(x+6)

c) -3x(4-5x) d) (1+x)(1+2x)

e) (x^2+2)(x-1) f) 2x^2(1-3x^2)

Exercise 2:

Expand, reduce and order the following expressions.

a)(x+3)(x+5)-4x b)x(3-2x)+5x^2+2x

c)(5-t)(1+2t)+2(3t+4) d)2x^2(x+6)-x^3+4x^2-2x

Exercise 3:

Expand the following expressions using remarkable identities.

a)(x+12)^2 b)(3x+1)(3x-1)

c)(6-x)^2 d)(x+1)^2+(x-2)^2

Exercise 4:

Copy and complete the following equations.




Exercise 5:

Using the remarkable identities, expand the following expressions.

a)(x+\frac{1}{2})^2 b)(3x-\frac{1}{3})^2

c)(x+\frac{2}{5})(x-\frac{2}{5}) d)(a+\sqrt{5})^2

Exercise 6:

Factor the following expressions.

a)3x-15 b)4x^2-7x

c)3x^3-5x^2+8x d)3a^2-6a

e)3x^3+9x^2 f)2\sqrt{x}+x\sqrt{x}

Exercise 7:

Copy the expression, underline the common factor

then factor the following expressions.





Exercise 8:

Factor using a remarkable identity.

a)x^2-12 b)9y^2+12y+4

c)x^2+169-26x d)144x+144x^2+36

e)(3x+1)^2-(2x)^2 f)9t^2-24t+16

g)-22x+121x^2+1 h)(x+1)^2-9

Exercise 9:

Factor the following literal expressions:


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