Equations: 9th grade math exercises in PDF format.

A series of exercises on first-degree math equations with one unknown in ninth grade is always essential for your understanding. Indeed, the chapter on equations in math is a must to master to develop new skills.

Exercise #1:

Solve the following equations:


Exercise #2:

Solve the following product equations:


Exercise #3:

Find the equations that have ( 2 ) as their solution:


Exercise #4:

Peter buys 8 pins of the same price. Luc buys 10 pins that are each worth 5 € less than Pierre’s.


a) If x is the price of a pin bought by Peter, what is the price of a pin bought by Luke?

b) What is the amount of Peter’s purchase?

c) What is the amount of Luc’s purchase?

d) Knowing that Peter and Luke spent the same amount of money, what is the price of Peter’s pin?

Exercise #5:

When Julie was born, her mother was 30 years old and her brother was 4.
Today, together, Julie, her brother and her mother total a century (100 years).

a) If we call x the age of Julie, express the age of her brother and mother as a function of x.

b) How old is Julie?

Exercise #6:

In the farmyard, there are chickens (they have two legs!) and rabbits (they have four legs!). I counted 40 heads and 106 legs.

Chickens and rabbits
Chickens and rabbits

How many chickens and rabbits are there?

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