Corrected 6th grade math exercises in PDF to download or print.

Math exercises for the 6th grade (sixième ) in addition to those given to you by your teacher. Some of these exercises have their answers.

You’ve just entered middle school and already the worries are creeping up on you in math class. Don’t panic, even if it’s not your favorite subject, there are still ways to retain and learn your lessons properly.

  1. Decimal numbers
  2. The 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
  3. Parallel and perpendicular lines
  4. Axial symmetry
  5. Fractions
  6. Proportionality
  7. Bisector of an angle
  8. Triangle and quadrilateral
  9. Circle
  10. Area and perimeter of geometric figures

Other corrected exercises in 6th grade in the form of videos.

  1. How to calculate the perimeter of a circle?
  2. Multiply 43×21 in 5 seconds
  3. Decimal numbers, position and mental calculation
  4. Multiply by 10, 100, 1000, etc…
  5. Putting down multiplications like the Mayans
  6. Decimal division
  7. Euclidean division
  8. Multiplication of decimal numbers
  9. Multiplication of whole numbers
  10. Subtractions of integers
  11. Subtractions of decimal numbers
  12. Addition of decimal numbers
  13. Addition of integers
  14. Fractions and decimal value
  15. fractions and graphical representations
  16. Irreducible fractions
  17. Fractions and the study of a checkerboard
  18. Fraction and study of a pyramid
  19. Problem on the fraction of a quantity
  20. Fractions and change of denominator
  21. Graduated line and fractions
  22. Perimeter of a circle: formula and applications
  23. Median of a segment : property and construction
  24. Axial symmetry with Sonic

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Sixth grade math drills can be a crucial step in a student’s education, as they can help reinforce math knowledge gained in previous grades and develop new problem-solving skills. These exercises can be a great way to improve computational skills, speed and accuracy in problem solving, and the ability to reason logically and methodically.

How to progress with math exercises in 6th grade?

Maths exercises 6th grade Math exercises for 6th grade are available on the website to download PDF solutions and practice at home in the evening or on weekends. The purpose of these exercises is to solve an unsolved problem.

No more elementary school, now you are in high school and the courses are still supported in mathematics with the program this year, parallel and perpendicular lines, decimal numbers, axial symmetry and many other chapters that await you with materials that comply with the programs of thenational education.

Stay confident because the first few months are never easy because the curriculum changes from elementary to middle school but you will quickly get used to it. Be sure to get help if you feel the need. The math exercises are accessible from the 6th grade to the 12th grade. Courage to you.

The great adventure begins for you in middle school. Learn the basics that will serve you well later in high school or for higher education.

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