Maths en 2de: courses and corrected exercises in PDF to download.

You will see the 2nd grade math program on Math Web. In addition, you will find many documents to help you succeed in mathematics in second grade.

It is necessary to be very attentive and especially concentrated. Listening to the teacher is the first thing you should do. If there is a question, please feel free to raise your hand to ask it. There is no shame in asking a question. It just allows you to clear your head. But if you don’t put it down, you risk being personally penalized during the inspection. Always write down everything the teacher says so you can better understand the lesson at home by reading it over. In fact, it is also necessary to note the answers to the questions that were asked in class to avoid asking the same questions.

You have just entered the second year of high school and you notice a big difference between middle school and the third year of high school.


Number sets, numerical and literal calculation

  1. The course
  2. Sets of numbers and calculations
  3. Fractions, powers, inequalities and intervals
  4. Absolute value
  5. Intervals and sets of numbers
  6. Factoring of literal expressions

Vectors and location in the plane and translation

  1. The course
  2. Vectors and benchmarks

The study of a function: variations, table, curve, solving (in)equations

  1. The course
  2. Functions and graphical reading
  3. Equations in the second grade (2de)
  4. Inequations and sign tables

The usual functions

The course


The course


  1. The course
  2. The exercises

Relative positions of lines and planes in space

  1. The course
  2. Plane geometry

Geometry in space

  1. The exercises

How to succeed in math in 2nd grade?

You will find on this mathematics site all the resources that will allow you to progress throughout the year, provided that you are motivated and that you want to invest yourself and work on your mathematics online. In 2de (seconde), students in France generally study mathematics in depth, building on the concepts they learned in 1ère (première). This may include topics such as complex numbers, equations and inequations, functions, probability and statistics, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, and matrices and vectors. Students are also encouraged to develop their problem-solving skills and reasoning by demonstration.
It is important to keep in mind that the 2nd grade math program is in accordance with the officialnational education programs and that each progression depends on the teacher’s choice.

math in 2nd grade

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