Maths 6ème : lessons and corrected exercises in PDF to download.

Math in 6th grade, you just finished elementary school and are now in middle school.

There is nothing new except for a few notions in the sixth grade, this year will be mostly focused on consolidating what you have learned and on remediation in order to overcome your difficulties in mathematics.

You will find the main chapters of the national education program such as decimal numbers, fractions, axial symmetry, calculation of perimeters and areas of geometric figures.

In order to help you succeed in math in the sixth grade, this site provides you with numerous courses, exercises, tests and also homework in math.

Decimal numbers

The 4 operations

Parallel and perpendicular lines

The angles

Triangles and quadrilaterals

The circle

Axial symmetry


Proportionality and percentages

Perimeters and areas of figures

Solid in space and the right block

How to succeed in 6th grade math?

Few new concepts; the idea is to solidify your knowledge and improve your knowledge on each chapter before entering into more complex concepts.

You have all the tools, in addition to those seen in class, to review your courses and exercises.

With regular work and good will, you will progress in sixth grade math.

In geometry, we will develop the calculation of perimeters, areas and volumes by applying the different formulas to know by heart to succeed in math in 6th grade.

They are taught in an interactive and fun way with software such as GeoGebra or scratch, with hands-on activities, games and exercises to help students understand the concepts and put them into practice. Teachers also encourage students to solve problems using their own reasoning and creativity.

In general, they are a fascinating and important area of study for students to develop valuable skills for their future lives, and these materials are in line with the officialnational education curriculum in the sixth grade.

maths in the sixth grade (6ème)

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