Control on triangles in 5th grade

A math test on triangles and triangular inequality in fifth grade will help you master this chapter. A triangle is a polygon with three sides and therefore 3 angles. We name a triangle by 3 letters in capital letters which correspond to its 3 vertices as the triangle ABC, for example. The student should be able to draw triangles well with the necessary materials. He must also be able to apply the calculation methods related to this chapter. This requires maximum concentration on the part of the student. In this way, he will be able to develop new skills and learn a new method of problem solving. Ask your teacher questions if you don’t understand. Read the statement before starting the exercise.

Control: triangles, triangular inequality

and circumscribed circle.

Exercise 1: Buildable or not?

For each line, say if the triangle can be constructed with the 3 lengths

data. Justify the answer.

1st triangle

AB=2 cm BC=3 cm AC=5.5 cm

2nd triangle

IJ=25 m IK=44 m JK=55 m

3rd triangle

DE=20 cm EF=3 dm ED=0.5 m

Exercise 2: constructions.

1. Draw the triangle MAN with MN = 4 cm, NA = 6 cm and MA = 7 cm

Then draw its circumscribed circle.

2. Draw the triangle GET with GE = 6 cm, \widehat{G} = 20° and \widehat{E} = 110°.

3. Draw the triangle JUL with JU = 5 cm, \widehat{U} = 95° and UL = 4 cm.

4. Draw the triangle ISO isosceles in O with IS = 6 cm and I = 45°.

Exercise #3:

I live at the same distance from the city LE TAMPON as from the city LE PORT and at the same distance from the city of St PIERRE

than that of the TAMPON.

Find the city where I live.

Geographic map.

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