Control on the Pythagorean theorem of maths in 4th grade.

A math test on the Pythagorean theorem in eighth grade (4th grade ) will help you progress in math. In addition, the Pythagorean theorem in 8th grade is very important but also instructive for students. Before starting the test, remember to read the statement carefully. This will help you avoid making mistakes when solving the exercises. This proctored math assignment on the Pythagorean theorem involves the following concepts:

– direct part of the Pythagorean theorem;

– reciprocal part of the Pythagorean theorem;

– calculate the length of one side of a right triangle;

– calculation of the length of the hypotenuse.

D.S: Pythagorean theorem.

Exercise n° 1 : (6 pts)

a. ABC is a right-angled triangle in A such that :

AB = 12 cm

AC = 16 cm

Calculate the length BC. (make a figure)

b. DEF is a right-angled triangle in D such that :

OD = 16.8 cm

EF = 23.2 cm

Calculate the length DF. (make a figure)

Exercise n° 2 : (4 pts)

Calculate the length AB in the following cases:

1. AB²=36 2. AB²+5²=13² 3. 30²=24²+AB²

Exercise n° 3 : (6 pts)

If you take the path(marked route ) and the bridge over the river, how far do you have to travel

to go from François ‘ house to Guillaume ‘s?

(calculations to be detailed)

Pythagorean Theorem

Exercise n° 4 : ( 4 pts)

The garage in the basement of a house is accessed by a ramp [AC].

We know that: AC = l0.25 m; BC = 2.25 m.

Pythagorean Theorem

Calculate the distance AB between the gate and the entrance.

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