Control on the literal calculation of maths in 4th grade.

A math test on literal calculus and double distributivity in eighth grade will help you master this chapter further. Stay focused to avoid miscalculations when solving. Use the necessary materials to properly process the exercises. Always start by reading the statement carefully before starting an exercise. This will allow you to situate yourself and save time in choosing which exercises to do first. This proctored assignment allows students to work on their math online. The following concepts, come into play in this math test:

– develop a literal expression;

– reduce a literal expression;

– use the properties of simple and double distributivity.

D.S : literal calculation .

Exercise n° 1 : ( 4 pts)

Reduce the following expressions:

A = 5a – 3a + 3 – a – 5 ; B = 3a\times  2 – 5 \times  3 + a \times  (-4) ;

C = x + 4 –2x + 1; D = 6 – a + 9 – b – 12 + a ;

Exercise n° 2 : (2 pts)

Find the reduced expression by connecting the corresponding boxes with arrows:


x + 4 –2x + 1 3x + 5



1 – x + 4 –2x x + 5



2x + 4 –(x + 1) x + 3



x – 1 – (2x – 4) x + 3


Exercise n° 3 : (5 pts)

Expand the following expressions:

A = 2 (4a – 5); B = 3a (-a + 7); C = (3x + 2) ;

D = 3(x – 2) – 5x (x + 1); E =(x + 3) (2x + 5) ;

Exercise n°4 : (5 pts)

Expand and reduce the following expressions

A= (x + 3)(x + 2)

B= (5 – x)(-3 – x)

C= (2a + 4)(3a – 5)

F= (-3 + x)(6 – 2x²)+3x-7

I= (3x – 2)(5x + 1) +2x+1

Exercise n° 5 : ( 4 pts)

Geometry and Literal Calculus

  1. Express the perimeter of figure A as a function of x.
  2. Express the area of figures A and B as a function of x.
  3. If x= 3 cm, what is the value of these two areas?
  4. Note?

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