Control on equations in 4th grade to download in PDF.

The equations must be mastered by 4th graders. Thus, this math test provides a good check on students’ understanding of this chapter. Generally, math tests can help students assess their math knowledge but also identify areas that need good reinforcement.

Math tests in school are always stressful because of the assessment at the end. However, these dreaded moments can be managed, first of all by doing regular math exercises in class and at home. Always ask for an explanation if you don’t understand. When testing, first read the statements carefully. Also consider adopting various strategies, such as skipping a difficult question and returning to it later.

Above all, don’t foolishly lose points because you didn’t follow the instructions given in the exercise. So, if for an exercise your teacher asks you not to use calculators or other objects, then don’t do it. If you are asked to use a specific method for solving, follow your teacher’s instruction. It is necessary to concentrate well and to use the learned properties to avoid calculation errors during the solution. To this end, you will be sure to get a good grade at the end of your math test on equations.

Exercise 1: equations

Solve the following equations:

A. x+4=6;

B. x-7=0;

C. 3x=6;

D. -6x=3

E. \frac{7}{6}=\frac{2}{x}

F. 7x,+,3,=,-,2x,-,4

Exercise 2:

Without solving the equations, answer true or false to the following statements, giving reasons:

1) 4 is a solution of the equation x-6=2;

2) 28 is a solution of the equation \frac{x}{2}-4=9;

Exercise 3:

A rectangle has a perimeter of 12 cm. Its width is 8 cm less than its length.

What are the dimensions of this rectangle?

Solving equations and rectangle

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