Circle: 6th grade math lessons to print in PDF.

This sixth grade course is very interesting. Thus, in this lesson we will study vocabulary such as chord, arc and compass construction of circles as well as definition.
The student must be able to construct this figure with a compass knowing the value of its radius and master all the vocabulary of the course.
They will also need to develop geometry skills in order to perform demonstrations or construct more complex figures using geometry materials (ruler, square, compass and protractor) in the sixth grade.

I. The vocabulary of circles


A circle with center O is formed by all points at the same distance from point O. This distance is called the radius.


We used the compass to draw the circle \xi of center O and radius 1.5 cm.

It has a diameter of 3 cm.

The diameter is twice the radius.

Draw a circle


On the figure below, the points A, B, C, D and M belong to the circle \xi of center O.

  • The segment [OM] is also called the radius of the circle \xi.
  • The segment [CD] is a chord of the circle \xi.
  • The string [AB] is a diameter of the circle \xi because the center O is the middle of this string.
  • The red colored portion of the circle \xi is the arc of the circle \widetilde{CD}.

Diameter, radius and arc

II. Characteristic properties:


All points with center O are at the same distance from point O.

Properties of the circle


Two points located at the same distance from a point O belong to the same circle with center O.


Have you assimilated this 6th grade course?

Le cercle

Un QCM de maths sur le cercle en 6ème.

Things to remember:

Skills to be assimilated on this chapter:

what to remember

  • Know the definition;
  • Know how to draw with geometry equipment (ruler, compass, square and protractor);
  • Know the definitions and properties of a radius, a diameter, a string, an arc and the notations.
  • Calculate the perimeter;

This course is in accordance with the official programs of thenational education.

In addition, you can consult the exercises on circles

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